Apex Pro SCS V3 Clamp - Raw

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- Includes:
- 5 x Bolts
- 1 x Volcano Centre Cap
- 1 x Alloy Shim

- The Apex Pro SCS V3 Clamp is 78mm in height and weighs only 250 grams (5 grams lighter than the Apex Pro SCS V2 Clamp). It is the lightest on the market! - This clamp predominantly runs SCS, but ICS can be run with this product as well.

- Compression systems are required if you are using threadless forks & a threadless headset. They replace the 2 lock nuts on standard threaded forks and let you compress and tune your threadless headset. This clamp has more clamping power than most others on the market.

- REMEMBER: When using the APEX Pro SCS Clamp, you will have to cut the top of your fork tube down to at least the height of the APEX shim to make sure that your clamp fits properly and you are getting the maximum performance out of your clamp. If you bring it in to either of our shops, one of our technicians can get you properly set up!