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K2 SODO 7US/25cm Black

-K2 Sodo Black
- Urban Skate
- Wheel Diameter: 100mm
- Wheel Hardness: 90a
- Frame material: aluminium
- Rockered frame setup
- Cuff, dual strap and lace fastening system
- High cuff
- Black

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K2 SODO 7US/25cm Black






The K2 Sodo skates are not just designed but are a reaction to the ever evolving nature of rollersports and rollerblading. The frame and wheel setup is designed to maximise everything a city skater could ask for, speed, maneuverability without compromising the weight or stability of the skate. A skate standing at the top for the needs of the modern urban skater, K2 has made a truly great skate in tune with modern rollerblading.

How is this achieved? The skate frame itself is key, incorporating 4x100mm 90a wheels in a rockered configuration This means the front and back wheels are set slightly higher as to achieve a curved shape similar to a curved ice skate blade. This results in a supremely maneuverable skate with a short enough wheelbase that allows for dizzyingly quick turns and carving. What about speed? That where the 100mm wheel comes in. 100 mm is very close to perfect for rolling over any rough terrain, small rocks and tackling any obstacle in the urban environment, without becoming too large and unwieldy that it encumbers the rider. The frame and boot itself are also space saving enough vertically that the rider still gets a very good center of gravity from the minimized distance from the ground to the foot. This with the ILQ 7 bearing gives the amazing frame the tools to rocket through the streets. A 90a wheel is perfect for speed and not losing grip, while remaining durable enough to endure whatever you throw at them, and hard enough to powerslide with ease and control.

The Sodo is also a really, really great looking skate, subtle in its presentation but clean cut and urban inspired to satisfy the aesthetic needs of all. Its upper is made of a composite mix of neoprenes, mesh and plastic for a perfect fit and feel of comfort for long, secure skates.

This pairs well with the stiff aggressive cuff, which with laces, ankle and upper calf dual strap fastening system create one of the most well secured and fitting skates of all time.

A truly great skate, come try it out today, or feel free ask if you'd like to know more before you take the plunge into the urban jungle.

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