Folklore Rice Bubbles Fibretech 7.75 Deck - Red

- Width: 7.75 Inch
- Length: 32.25 Inch
- Red Colourway
- 7 Ply Maple Construction
- Fibretech Carbon Fiber layer
- Free Griptape Included

Folklore Rice Bubbles Fibretech 7.75 Deck - Red



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Less snap and crackle and more pop! Skip breakfast and go and shred on the Folklore Rice Bubbles deck!

From Folklore, this deck features their coveted Fibretech construction, which fuses a carbon fiber layer onto a 7 ply maple warm press deck, which gives your traditional 7 ply a huge boost to its integrity, holding it's natural elasticity and strength far beyond the standards of regular boards. This means you get to hold onto the mountain of pop and stability this board affords for a very, very long time.

Coming in a smaller size of 7.75 x 32.25 inches, this deck is perfect for smaller skaters and those looking to perfect their flip tricks!


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