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NANA Skateboards

Nana Mushburger Sun Worshipper 32 Surfskate Complete

- Nana Mushburger Series
- Size: 10" x 32" (WB: 18")
- 7ply Canadian Hardrock Maple
- Swallow Kick Tail
- Ogre Surf-Skate Trucks
- 62mm NANA Bludgers
- DSCO Bearings
- 'Sun Worshipper' Design

A new addition to our 2021 Surf Skate range, inspired by shortboards of the 80’s and 90’s the Mushburger features a super aggressive swallow tail shape perfect for nailing that extended layback.

Complete with Ogre Surf Skate Trucks, 62mm NANA Bludgers and NANA x DSCO Built-Ins.