Super Starfire 500 Package 13J/ EU31

- Recreational Roller Skate Package
- Super Starfire 500 Skates 13J/ EU31
- Any helmet in stock of equal or lesser value to $79.95
- Skater HQ Tripack: kneepads, elbow pads & wrist guards
- Skater HQ Skate Bag in Black or Silver
- FREE Beginner Group Lessons

Purchase the package without a helmet for $279.95!
Mention "no helmet" in the Order Comments and we will contact you to confirm the price.

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Super Starfire 500 Package 13J/ EU31



Availability: Available To Order



The Super Starfire 500 Package is here! You get a pair of Super Starfire 500 skates, a choice of Atom Pulse Outdoor wheels in any colour combo (blue/pink/green/purple), any colour set of Crazy Laces in stock, a skate helmet, a Skater HQ skate bag and Skater HQ protective gear set.*. All of our packages also come with FREE Beginner Group Lessons to ensure that you get the most out of your skates! This is the perfect starter pack to get you rolling without breaking the bank!

*Products may vary depending on stock. Items may be substituted from the base package with the difference in price added to the total cost. Customer service will contact you about your packaged items.


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