Sacrifice Flyte 115 - Titanium/aqua

- Sacrifice Flyte 115 Series
- Flyte 6068 T6 Aluminium 115mm Deck
- Deck Length: 515mm
- Deck Width: 115mm
- Signature 'Ben Thomas' Bennis Alloy Bar
- Bar Height: 600mm
- Bar Width: 550mm
- IHC Compression System w/ Cyborg Fork
- Nutron 2-Bolt Collar Clamp
- Flex Fender Brake
- Sacrifice 110mm Delta-Core Wheels w/ Hyper Bearings
- Sacrifice S-Grip Handle Grips
- Flyte 115 Logo Griptape
- Weight: 3kg
- Titanium/Cyan

Sacrifice Flyte 115 Complete - Tita / Aqua






The Sacrifice Flyte 115 Complete is here, brought to you by the great folks at Sacrifice Scooters and SkaterHQ!

Larger and stronger but equally lightweight as the 100 Series; this complete features a roomy 115mm Aluminium deck, with flat sides and bevelled rails on the bottom for all your techy tricks in the park; light and agile but durable and sturdy. Complete with a beastly Bennis Alloy bar, Cyborg IHC fork, and smooth 110mm Delta-Core wheels to match; this unique complete is a perfect ultra light setup for the full grown pro rider!


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