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Rollerblade Fusion X3 11.5US / 29.5CM - Black/Green

- Intermediate urban/recreational skate - Vented, molded hard shell - Lateral slider - 4 x 80 mm 80a Urban wheels - SG7 bearings - Specialised footbed with Shock Eraser heel - Composite UFS 4 x 80 mm frame with attachable break - Cuff power strap, 45° Velcro band and laces sizing chart link

Rollerblade Fusion X3 11.5US / 29.5CM - Black/Green



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The Rollerblade Fusion X3 is an intermediate urban skate that is both fast and highly manoeuvrable, perfect for unpredictable urban environments. The short frame and 80 mm wheels allow for the quick turns required to skate through the city. The molded shell and supportive closure system coupled with the shock absorbing insole provide the support you'll need to tackle anything that the city can throw at you.

It comes equipped with Rollerblade Urban wheels and SG7 bearings for maximum speed and control. This model also comes with an attachable break inside the box and a lateral slider to adjust the frame position. The Rollerblade Fusion X3 is a highly versatile skate that's prepared to be skated hard and won't let you down.

Rollerblade 2016 - Fusion X3 from Rollerblade® on Vimeo.


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