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All the roller / quad / old school skates you can shake a stick at. Skater HQ is the go-to spot for all your roller needs: derby players, disco rollers & speed demons look no further. Every pair sold comes with a free beginner group lesson to ensure everyone is ready to ride with confidence!

Click through to explore a huge stack of roller gear as well as our fresh meat package to get you going with everything you need for Derby quick. There’s a huge range of all styles of skates - awesome beginner options, durable derby skates & Moxi™ skates that look and feel incredible. Grab a smooth & cruisey outdoors pair and ditch the rink for beachside rides & suburban adventures.

Call up or come in to chat and get all the expert advice you’ll need to get rolling!

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  • Zipfitfootprint Varus Wedge Pair

    Zipfitfootprint Varus Wedge Pair

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    • _price:13.95


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