Hockey Helmets

For a helmet to be approved for use in Australia it needs to meet a performance criteria which consists of: a means of absorbing energy in an impact, a means of distributing load AND a way of staying properly attached to your head. Your safety is paramount while skating.

So which helmet should you use?

Skate & Scooter Helmet
Skating or Scooting along a footpath or in a skate park.
(ASTM 1492 Certified for multiple low force impacts)

Bicycle Approved Helmet
Cycling or Skating on or near a roadway and High Speed Skating.
(CE EN 1078 Certified - European Impact Certification)
(AUS/NZS 2063:2008 Certified - Aus/NZ Impact Certification)

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  • Bauer Wave HDO Pro Clip Visor

    Bauer Wave HDO Pro Clip Visor

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