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Urban Skater

Urban Skater Knee/Elbow Black - Large

- Urban Skater Protective Gear
- Size: Large
- 1x Set of Sleeved Knee Pads
- 1x Set of Sleeved Elbow Pads
- Comfortable Sleeve Fit w/ Velcro Straps
- Black

Protect yourself without shredding holes in your wallet, with the cost-efficient protective combo pack that inspired our very own protective range!

The Urban Skater Combo Pack includes double-stitched protective elbow pads, and a set of knee pads with an integrated 'horseshoe' inner-foam, for extra comfort and maximum protection against those nasty stacks on the street or in the park.

A great all-round protective pad setup no matter what you ride, so you can enjoy yourself without the worry of falling; we have you covered!