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UMA Landsleds

UMA Two Barks Cody 8.0 Deck

- UMA Landsleds Pro Deck
- Size: 8.0" x 31.75" (WB: 14.25")
- 7ply North American Maple Construction
- Mellow Concave w/ Shallow Kick
- Art by Nathaniel Russell
- Cody Chapman Signature Deck

When art meets skateboarding you get an UMA Landsleds deck, and this beaut' is no exception in perfectly harmonising aesthetic style with functionality!

Built ground-up by skateboarding legend Evan Smith and visual artist slash skateboarding filmer Thomas Campbell, UMA decks really showcase Campbell's affinity for colorful graphics that occupy the opposite end of the deviant and cynical illustrations we’ve come so used to in skateboarding; and so the result is an array of decks and apparel designs which emanate a thoroughly positive, even friendly attitude. (They look really cool!)

This flexy and roomy deck features the colourful and uniquely recognized artistry of skateboarder and illustrator, Nathaniel Russell, with purple stained 'two barks' goodeboyes on a soft pink background.