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Titen Bearings

Titen Abec 9 Bearings 12pk

- Titen Bearing Series
- Pack of 12 (8mm Inner Race)
- ABEC-9 Rated
- Non-Contact Metal Shields
- High Speed Nylon Ball Retainer
- Premium Oil Pre-Lubricated
- Suitable for All-Level Skaters

Titen have spent years in the inline and scooter industry during which they have perfected refined and developed bearings perfect to handle hard outdoor use and withstand the rigours of inline and scooter riding.

Titen moved away from the traditional oil lubrication to a more viscous grease, allowing for greater space and gap-filling sealing the bearing, preventing outside material hindering performance. This design allows for greater speed and longevity of a bearing and reduces the maintenance required to keep performing as intended.