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Tech Deck

Tech Deck VS Series - Blind Bump To Bar

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- Tech Deck 'VS' Series 2-Pack
- 2x Exclusive 'Blind' Fingerboards
- Deck Size: 1" x 4" (Wheelbase: 1.5")
- 1x Kicker & Rail Obstacle
- 4x Unique Trick Challenge Cards included

Start small and go big with your very own Pro Series Tech Deck!

With two fully assembled fingerboards, one street obstacle, and four Challenge Cards in every pack, the Versus Series is perfect for learning how to master Tech Deck fingerboards and battle your friends!

Featuring a legit set of Blind deck graphics and Trick Cards, you can truly rep your favourite brand and land technical tricks like the pros! With improved grip and more concave than ever before, never stop skating with Tech Deck!