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Tech Deck

Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe Set

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- Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe

- Size: 20.75" x 8.0" x 5.5" (when connected)

- 2x High Quarter Pipe Ramp w/ Coping & Ledge

- 1x Bonus Primitive Tech Deck Board

- 1x set of Stickers included

Start small, go big and then go even bigger than ever before with your very own Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe Set!

What else can you really say to hype up this insanely awesome half-pipe set any more than the fact that its a flippin' half-pipe for your Tech Deck??! Nothing, because its a flippin'

Featuring twin super high, super wide high quarter pipes with coping and ledge, that join to make up a Ultimate Half-Pipe over 20 inches long, as well as an exclusive signature Primitive Tech Deck and some rad stickers to slap wherever you want!

This set really needs no further explanation; you can totally get started right away with this bad boy and practice your finger board tricks for hours on end!