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Tech Deck

Tech Deck Transforming SK8 Container PRO Set

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- Tech Deck SK8 Container PRO (v2.0)

- Transforming Skate Park Starter Kit

- 2x High Quarter Pipe Ramp w/ Coping

- 1x Low Quarter Pipe Ramp w/ Coping

- 1x Flat Bar

- 1x Pyramid Launcher w/ Angled Flat Rail

- 1x 2ft/61cm Grind Rail

- 1x Bonus Blind Tech Deck Board

- 1x Collapsible Shipping Container / Skate Park Base

Start small and go big with your very own Tech Deck Transforming Skate Park Set!

What looks like an ordinary miniature shipping container, actually folds out to reveal an insanely awesome array of skate park ramps that can be arranged any way you want to shred your Tech Deck!

Featuring twin high quarter pipes with coping, a low quarter pipe with coping, pyramid launcher with angled rail, flat bar, a massive 2ft long grind rail and (to top it all off) a bonus miniature Tech Deck complete board, so you can totally get started and practice your finger board tricks for hours on end!

This set really needs no further explanation; this is a great ramp set to get you started in the miniature world of skatin!