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Spitfire Formula Four 101A Radial Slim 53mm

- Formula Four Technology
- Diameter 53mm
- Width 30.5mm
- Hardness 101D
- Made In The U.S.A.
- Set of Four

Spitfire's Formula Four technology combines not one specific attribute, but a number of technologies combined to bring you one of the most durable skate wheels on the market. They were rigorously developed by the Spitfire team with the aim of not sacrificing any specific quality at the expense of another. Spitfire are known to be one of the leaders in the skate wheel manufacturing industries.

This is a harder wheel, which will give you some extra speed at a skate park or ramp, and help resist against flatspots. The Radial Slim shape is thinner, lighter and has a hand cut rounded edge for more control, speed and ultra response.

Formula Four's are longer lasting, and hold their shape and size longer. They have unmatched abrasive resistance, so you get fewer flat spots. They are made in the U.S.A. so you can also be assured of their quality. Burn Four-Ever.