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Corey Skates

Spew Monkey #1s 54mm 97a Classic Wheels 4pk - Fluro Pink

- Spew Monkey '#1s' Street Series
- Size: 54mm x 33mm (CP: 16mm)
- Hardness: 97a
- Classic Shape w/ Conical Lip & Side-Cut Profile
- Centerset Core & Smooth Surface
- Set of 4
- 'Fluorescent' Pink Colourway

The Aussie-Skate Revolution is upon us, with Spew Monkey wheels! Rigorously developed and tested here in the heart of Sydney, bringing you one of the most durable and cost effective skate wheels on the market!

The #1s profile features the perfect blend of width and radius, ideal for classic Street Skating to get you flipping, grinding and popping. The thinner contact patch and conical lip gives you a predictable flipping wheel, whereas the slight side-cut walls give you a little more 'lock-in' control on edges, ledges and rails.

Coming in at a slightly softer durometer of 97a, these bad boys will give you some good speed at a skate park or ramp, and feel buttery over rough terrain.

Like Bones to Powell Peralta, and Slime Balls to Santa Cruz, Spew Monkey wheels are a product of Corey Skates, which has been making high-end custom roller skate wheels since 2008, and premium bushings for the skateboard and roller skate communities.

If you're obsessed with Spitfire Classics, give these Aussie-Made legends a go! We can't keep our test riders off 'em!!