Smith Protection

SMITH Scabs Gasket L Black

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- soft, snug slip-on sleeve
- foam padding surrounds knee
- breathable mesh fabric behind knee



Wear these under your vert pads for extra protection or wear them under your jeans for that stealth pad thing.

About Smith:

Smith started making recaps for other popular brands of kneepads in 1984. The recaps were innovative in that they featured an extended section below the knee that also protected the pad. They sold well, and he branched off into designing kneepads. He rented a sewing machine and taught himself how to sew different types of stitches and cut proper patterns. Smith also dissected every kneepad on the market to see what they were using for materials. He found foam that he felt had better memory–after impact it would rebound back to its original thickness. Smith also experimented with materials like neoprene when most pads were using elastic, which could stretch out.

He inked a deal with Vision skateboards in the mid 90s, and now his full line of knee, elbow, and helmet gear is available in Australia!