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*These are authentic Heelys brand shoes with an Australian backed warranty, don't be tricked by counterfeit stock being sold on the internet.

Skater HQ

Skater HQ Stickers - 5 pack

- 5 pack of Skater HQ Stickers
- Extremely Good
- Free Postage
- Multi colours/patterns!
- Receive 1 of each design (while stock lasts)

FREE SHIPPING: When buying a Skater HQ sticker pack, please select "Click & Collect" as the shipping method so that you won't be charged freight.

The SK8HQ team's been pumped about these, the all-new slaps look incredible and come in 5 new designs that are so hard to choose from we thought we'd let you get 'em all. These look at home under decks, on your bumper and completely covering your fridge. Go nuts with these (responsibly) .