Fraud Blocker Skater HQ Shredding Time 54mm/101a 4pk
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Skater HQ

Skater HQ Shredding Time 54mm/101a 4pk

- Skater HQ Team Graphic Series

- Size: 54mm

- Duro: 101A / 55D

- Hard Compound New-School Wheel

- White w/ Skater HQ 'Shredding Time' Graphic

Oh my Glob, these skateboard wheels are totally math! Brought to you by the great folks at Skater HQ, you will always know what time it is with these Pendleton Ward inspired nuggs.

Hewn from the finest hard 101A urethane that makes shredding the park and popping your ride a breeze; slap 'em on one of our Skater HQ Shredding Time decks and pair it with some Thunder titanium lights for the best results!

Whether carving dungeons, cruising forgotten cities, or saving radical princesses from gross monster dudes, it will always be Shredding Time no matter the adventure!