Fraud Blocker Skater HQ Manly Lagoon 7.75 S Complete
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Skater HQ

Skater HQ Manly Lagoon 7.75 S Complete

- Skater HQ 'Ventress' Team Artist Series
- Size: 7.75" x 31.25" (WB: 14")
- 7ply Canadian Maple Mini Deck
- SHQ 54mm 85a 'SOFTEC' Wheels
- Z-Flex Abec 7 Z-Speed Bearings
- Polished Absolute 5.0" Trucks
- Black Griptape w/ 1" Allen Bolts
- 'Manly Lagoon' Signature Ventress Design

A re-print of one of our famous O.G. decks by graphic artist and illustrator Adam Ventress!

A black and white nightmarish homage of the early 2000's Manly Lagoon toxic dredging incident that killed off tonnes of local wildlife; shred this deck so we never forget to protect the homes and lives of our furry, feathered and scaly friends again!

This setup is built from 7ply Hardrock Maple for maximum pop and life of the deck! With team softec wheels and z-flex trucks, the smaller size of 7.75 Inches is great for younger and teenage shredders who want to master their flip tricks on a lighter board.

Note: Wheel graphics may differ from images.