Fraud Blocker Sector 9 Chop Hop Noh 30.5 Deck - Red/Blue - Skater HQ
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Sector 9

Sector 9 Chop Hop Noh 30.5 Deck - Red/Blue

- Sector 9 Jor Ros Collaboration
- Size: 8.625" x 30.5" (WB: 14.875")
- 7ply Maple Construction w/ Double Kick
- Park & Cruising Style
- Premium Pre-Applied Printed Griptape
- Art by Jor Ros

Featuring the striking and fantastic artwork by Barcelona-based artist Jor Ros, Sector 9's latest collaboration series highlights the contemporary urban samurai warrior, borrowing the motifs and aesthetic hallmarks of traditional Japanese folklore and American cartoons through a warm, eye-grabbing palette.

Set up in the style of an old-school park board and a wide cruiser with lots of foot room and double kicks, the Chop Hop is ideal for tearing up transitions, ramps, funboxes, and just about anything you can hope to skate. It will also happily get you from A to B!