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SEBA SX2 Black 10.5 US/EU44

- SEBA SX2 Black

- Plastic Shell

- 80 mm 84a Street Invader Wheels

- UFS 80 mm Frame

- Buckle, Power Strap and Laces

- Shock Absorbing Heel Pad

- Abrasion Pads

- Black

- Size 10

sizing chart link

Seba's Supreme Quality Swiss Army Knife Skates! The SX2 can handle any and all rollerblading duties.

The SX2 is a sleek bit of kit that is extremely well suited to urban / free skating as it comes. The boot is super well designed to provide both flex and stiffness in the right spots and the 80 mm UFS set up will get you flying down streets and cutting city corners to pieces. The Street invader wheels have a sweet rounded profile and firm 84a urethane that hugs the road and slides when you want it to ( and these things are TOUGH) - But, just as you're happy with that, you can easily hook these skates up with the CJ soul plates and an aggressive frame and start dropping huge royales across any rail that has to pleasure to be near you. Drops and gaps feel like hopping across clouds with the big shock absorbing pad under the heel!

These skates even perform amazingly with a 3x100 mm frame setup for triskate style cruising. The reason they handle it all so well is the flexibility and variety of UFS frames, and the sheer quality of the fit afforded by these boots and their built in liners is astounding, the buckle, strap and laces do really great job at holding the right fit for everyone, securely.

The new SX2's use a plastic shell instead of carbon to lower the costs but actually ends up creating an even more comfortable and flexible experience, and comes in an sick all black minimalist colourway. Your new best wheeled friends, come in and meet them today.