Fraud Blocker Root Industries Signature Bearings - 8 Pack - Skater HQ
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Skater HQ

Root Industries Signature Bearings - 8 Pack

- Moey Ahmad Sig Bearings
- Black / Gold Colourway
- Self-lubricating chrome ball bearings
- 8 per pack with spacers!

Moey Ahmad and Root Industries bring you these sick black and gold sig bearings! If you want to fly around bowls at the speed of light and hit up street rails like Moey, look no further than these signature bearings. These bearings are un-matched in strength and durability by other scooter bearings and employ a self-lubricating, chrome ball system for the active components of the bearings. The Moey sig bearings will withstand any impact or speed you can possibly throw at them. This is an 8 pack so you can trick out 2 scooters OR keep the others for spares.