Fraud Blocker Reckless Morph Dual 59mm 91/95a 4pk - Fluro/Yellow/Blue - Skater HQ
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Reckless Wheels

Reckless Morph Dual 59mm 91/95a 4pk - Fluro/Yellow/Blue

- Reckless Morph 'Dual' Series
- Size: 59mm x 38mm (CP: 33mm)
- Outer Duro: 91a / Inner Duro: 95a
- Squared Profile w/ Sideset Bearing Core
- Ultralight Nylon Spoked Hub
- Pack of 4
- Fluoro & Sunny Yellow Colourway w/ Blue Core

The Morph Dual wheel, from Reckless Wheels, is at the cutting edge of wheel design for serious Derby skaters. Years in the design and making, it features a "stacked" design of two durometers that provide a unique wheel unlike any other.

The reasoning behind the "Morph" is that the bulk of the wheel is a faster, harder durometer, that maintains your speed on the track, while the outer edge is softer, that will enable you to have far better edge control in turns. The structural link core helps maintain the integrity of the wheel and improves speed and response. This combines to create one of the most advanced roller derby wheels out there.

Reckless provide a range of these "Morph" wheels in varying colours, that indicate the softest and grippiest, to hardest and fastest. The 91/95A is at the upper range in hardest and fastest. Be amazed!