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*These are authentic Heelys brand shoes with an Australian backed warranty, don't be tricked by counterfeit stock being sold on the internet.

Razors Inline Skates

Razors Shift Black 10US/EU44

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- Razors Shift Black

- Instant Frame Change System

- Slim Fit

- GC FLT3 Frame

- 64mm 90a GC Wheels

- Ankle Buckle Stash Pocket

- Oversized Heel Pad

- Black

- Size 10

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This skate is a total rift in the market. Allowing extremely quick and convenient frame changes, allows for a different spectrum of freedom when you're skating.

This is a brand new skate from Razor. Same legendary strength, with a whole new soul system allowing you to switch frame and wheel setups with the press of the plates allowing you to slide them right off. The plates take extra t-nuts when you need maximum integrity to the skate when you're going big with drops and rails, but the skates are designed to just as easily and very quickly adapt to powerblading and freestyle style frames with much bigger wheels. There's nothing that stops you running even UFS triskate setups so you can fly through the city to the next skate spot or fav lunch place.

The boots also come with a new and improved slimmer fit, for even more direct control over the skates, and the liner has a stash area in the tongue for tools or whatever. They come stock with the bomb GC FLT 3 frames with anti rockers and big boy GC 64 mm/90A wheels for easy grinds and massive speed.

Straight black to match all the frames you'll wanna take around with you, these skates are also finished up with a monster heel pad under the liner for smooth riding no matter the terrain.