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Radar Zodiac 62mm w/Swiss Bearing Kit Blue 8pk

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8 Radar Zodiac 62mm Wheels
KWIK Swiss Bearings

The narrow foot print (width) of the Zodiac wheel allows for a greater range of movement when caught in the pack. The metal hub let's you feel the floor and allows the Poly-BD material to grip the floor. Zodiac wheels deliver the very top performance for Derby play combined with pre installed KWIK Swiss bearings.

KWIK Speed Skate KSN Bearings (KwiK Swiss Nitride) are pre-spun at the factory to ensure tolerances that exceed standard specifications. Only the highest grade Swiss balls, super-smooth nitride treated on the inner and outer races, and less friction and therefore faster spin. Prelubed with a light high-speed lube to allow a quiet spin while increasing the speed and load capabilities into the upper echelon to open the ropes of club exhilaration.