Fraud Blocker Prime Gonz Bowie 9.5 Deck - Pink - Skater HQ
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Skater HQ

Prime Gonz Bowie 9.5 Deck - Pink

- Width: 9.5"

- Length: 31.5"

- Wheelbase: 14.25"

- 7-Ply Maple Contruction

- Free Black Grip

- Pink Stain / Bowie Graphics

This is a big heritage board for fans big boards and the big Bowie himself. Fantastic print art underneath by talented Mark Gonzalez.

Fully functional 7-ply deck begging for a bowl ready setup, this is something you can pump hard on if you decide to not hang it up on the loungeroom wall (great gift idea hint hint). An appropriately loud pink stain covers this from nose to that chunky tail .