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Powerslide Kaze Supercruiser 110 Trinity 13US/EU47

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- Powerslide Kaze Supercruiser 110 Trinity

- 3 x 110 mm UC Wheels

- Wicked Bearings

- Powerslide Trinity Mounting

- Adjustable X-Mount

- 243 mm Triskate Frame

- Dual Buckle + Lacing

- Black / Red

- Size 13

Run your city on three wheels - With the new Powerslide Kaze Supercruiser 110 skate.

Three wheels is the new progressive path for blading to really up your speed, and these take it to a new level of control with the super low Trinity mounting that lets you run monster sized 110 mm wheels and keep your balance on point. The upper uses the hugely breathable neoprene design, and the Recall Fit padding will learn exactly how to hold your foot for unparalled comfort like advanced AI!

The reinforced shell works beautifully with the stiff 243mm Triskate frame, letting you have highly efficient power transfer from foot to ground, and total control on all movement, for an amazing fast yet dexterous ride. The shell is also designed asymmetrically to provide the optimum fit for both feet. You can get your skates rigged even more personally with the amazing adjustable X-Mount, letting you angle your frames to suit your style.

These are so deeply fun skates you won't want to stop rolling - and with the super resistant tough 110 mm UC wheels and protected Wicked (fast) bearings, you won't have too. A skate for any skater looking for a sweet way to amp up their freestyle and commuter ready kit!