Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta BB Series 9 Mullen Deck

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-Powell Peralta BB Series 9 Mullen Deck

- 7.38" Width

- 27.75" Length

- 12.5" Wheelbase

- BB Skeleton graphic

Celebrating the release of "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" gone and reissued a handful of prized decks from skateboarding's golden years with the Bones Brigade.

You know who he is, arguebly the most influential skater ever to be, the living legend Rodney Mullen has continually smashed any boundaries to pieces. This board is such a sick sentiment to him, the skeleton perched on the board in one of Rodney's signature moves with a crown.

This is a tight as board with 7.38" of width to grab for any serious Mullen fans, collectors, as well as anyone that's into the old skool style boards style and wants one that's a little less huge!