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Pilot Quad Plates

Pilot F-16 Eagle Plus 5.25 Plate - Black

- Pilot F-16 'Eagle-Plus' Series
- Size: 5.25" (Total Length: 21.8cm)
- Colourway: Classic Black

- Lightweight Reinforced Zytel Composite Plate
- Forged Alu Trucks w/ Steel 8mm Axles
- 16° Kingpins w/ Micro-Adjustable Lock Nut
- Premium Responsive Urethane Cushions
- Adjustable Pivot Bolts w/ Delrin Pivot Cups
- Plates Sold as Pair (Left & Right)

This lightweight nylon plate from Pilot is excellent for beginners. A 16 degree plate, the Eagle gives you stability without losing maneuverability.

The Plus version is more customisable and features adjustable pivots and a micro-adjustable lock nut on the kingpin. This plate is lightweight, exceptionally easy to use and has very little break in time for most skaters.

Note: Pilot plate sizes equal the distance between the axles, so a size 5.5 plate has a distance 5.5" axle to axle.