Fraud Blocker Paragon Abec 9 Bearing and Spacers 4pk - Skater HQ
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Paragon Abec 9 Bearing and Spacers 4pk

- Paragon Standard 608 Bearing
- Suitable for Beginning All-Round Skaters
- ABEC 9 Rating
- Removable Non-Contact Rubber Shield
- Sturdy Nylon Ball Retainer
- Pre-Lubricated Ball Bearings
- 4x Bearings w/ 2x Bearing Spacers
- Black

Rock the bearings that are preferred by our very own riders at Skater HQ! Inexpensive, lightweight and pre-lubed to perfection, Paragon Abec 9s are the best way to get rolling without burning holes in your wallet!

A pack of four bearings that's perfect for the thrifty scooter rider who wants a supreme roll to match that of a skater, but isn't fussed for a full pack of 8 that you probably wont need! Works well with any brand of freestyle scooter wheels that use a standard 8mm axle!