Fraud Blocker Paragon Abec 9 Bearing 8pk & Spacer Set - Skater HQ
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Paragon Abec 9 Bearing 8pk & Spacer Set

- Paragon Pre-Lubed Bearings
- Suitable for All-Round Park & Street Skaters
- ABEC 9 Rating
- Removable Rubber Shield w/ Nylon Ball Retainer
- Pack of 8 Bearings, 8 Washers & 4 Steel Spacers
- Black

Rock the bearings that are preferred by our very own riders at Skater HQ! Inexpensive, lightweight and pre-lubed to perfection; this pack contains eight speedy bearings, as well as eight washers and four bearing spacers, so you can tighten those nuts right down without slowing down your wheels. Paragon Abec 9s are the best way to get rolling without burning holes in your wallet!