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Pandanas Flowboard Bamboo/Black - Clearance

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- Pandanas Flowboard

- Size : 36" x 10"

- Wheelbase: 16.25"

- Natural 7-Ply Bamboo Deck w/ Mellow Concave

- Flowboard Style Curved Trucks w/ 1/4" Risers

- 14x Black Flowboard 65x23mm Wheels

- ABEC-7 Bearings w/ Spacers

- Clear Fine Grit Griptape

- Full Replacement Wheel & Truck Pair INCLUDED

Flowboard's are a sick and inventive way to recreate the snowboarding sensation on your hometown streets.

These are bamboo constructed decks with smooth concave and enough wood to get your feet around, stay balanced on a comfy 10" of width and the stability of a full 36" of length. Flowboard standard 7-wheel truck setups really replicate the edging you get with a snowboard - letting you glide and carve asphalt with ease.

The board has a clean, minimal and natural look with a raw polished bamboo finish and clear grit top layer, keeping it grippy and slick looking.

Pick one up and experience a whole new skate and snow ride.

Includes a full replacement pair of curved trucks, complete with bearings, spacers and 14x yellow Flowboard wheels.