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New Deal

New Deal Sargent Invader Slick 9.3 Deck

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- New Deal Re-Issue 'Slick' Series
- Size: 9.3" x 31.9" (WB: 14")
- 7ply Maple Resin-7 'Sargent' Deck
- Medium Concave w/ Double Kick
- Danny Sargent Pro Model, Art by Andy Howell
- Black w/ Neon 'Invader' Graphic

This New Deal Sargent Invader Slick deck is a great ’90s throwback shaped board, with a lot to offer for many types of skating: larger dimensions with a 14 inch wheelbase, medium concave, and directional shape.

All pressed using Resin 7 epoxy construction method for durability; the New Deal Sargent Invader deck features a modern concave and functional double kicktail design to satisfy the needs of modern skateboarders.

Take advantage of the larger size and skate transition, while maintaining the ability to 360 flip your board, or whatever flip tricks you desire! The Sargent Invader features a mellow taper, and squared tail.

Top if off with a dope reissue graphic and you get a spectacular nineties plank!