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New Deal

New Deal Siamese Slick 9.45 Deck

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- New Deal Re-Issue 'Slick' Series
- Size: 9.45" x 31.8" (WB: 14")
- 7ply Maple Resin-7 Construction
- Mellow Concave w/ Double Kick
- Team Edition, Art by Gorm Boberg
- Black & Pink Fade w/ 'Siamese' Graphic

This New Deal Siamese Doublekick deck is a great 90ss throwback street board!

Providing everything you could need to compliment tiny wheels and baggy pants. Charging in with a standard 14″wheelbase, double kicktail design, and an awesome football shape pressed using Resin-7 epoxy construction method.

The New Deal Siamese deck features a mellow modern concave and functional double kicktail design to satisfy the needs of modern skateboarders. By buying this board you will contribute to reforestation, because these guys plant two trees for each harvested!