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Native Scooters

Native Flemongo II Fork - Gold

If using for HIC compression this fork is only compatible with oversized steel and titanium bars (not aluminium).

- Beautiful, Majestic "Flemongo" Graphic
- Integrated Hex-Lock for 1 tool tightening
- Forged
- Wheel compatibillity: Up to 125mm diameter. Up to 24mm width
- Compression: HIC or SCS
- Offset: 10mm
- Steer tube length: 163mm
- Mafunfacturing process: Forged
- Weight: 287grams / 260 without axle

Nathan "Flemongo" Fleming's signature fork by Native is slim, sleep and fits standard 24mm wheels only. The integrated hex-lock holds the nut in place for simple 1-tool tightening. Throw this majestic fork into your setup with it's splash of regal gold!