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NANA Skateboards

Nana Simple Slasher Smile Crocodile 33 Deck

- NANA Great Outdoors Range
- Length: 33"
- Width: 9.0"
- Wheelbase: 15.75-16.75"

- Hardrock Maple 'Simple Slasher' Deck
- Alternate Truck Mount Holes
- Standard Wheel Wells
- Blue 'Crocodile Smile' Colourway

You’re already late to the pub, the boys have been there for a halfa’ and you know if you wait any longer Jono’ will already be a mess. Grab the Simple Slasher and turn your point a-to-b journey into a slash filled expedition.

Featuring a longer wheelbase, upturned nose and functional kicktail, all compact into a 33″ mid-sized powerhouse. Go get your slash on!