Fraud Blocker Nana Bludgers 62mm/82a 4pk - Ghost White - Skater HQ
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NANA Skateboards

Nana Bludgers 62mm/82a 4pk - Ghost White

- Nana Bludgers Wheels
- Size: 62 x 42mm (Contact Patch: 35mm)
- Hardness: 82a
- Offset Core w/ Round Lip Profile
- Stoneground Surface
- Set of 4
- Ghost White

It’s smoko’ – no lunch truck in-sight and the corner store is five streets over; take the easy way out with a roll on the Bludgers!

Designed to handle like an old ‘troopy, they can tackle whatever terrain you throw at em, whether it’s a mission to the pub, slashing down the street or taking the mutt for a walk; these babies will roll smooth and easy.

Nana Bludgers – built for an easier lifestyle!