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Moxi Roller Skates

Moxi Trick 59mm/97a Wheels 4pk - Green/Leopard

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- Moxi Trick Wheels

- Diameter, 59mm

- Width: 31mm

- Contact Patch: 20mm

- Hardness, 97a

- Contact area: 20mm

- Pack of 4

- Rounded Skateboard style profile

- Green Leopard Print

Hard as hell ✔

Super Fast ✔

Leopard Print ✔

The Moxi Trick Wheels are made for skaters wanting to take their ramp skating to the next level. They incorporate the highest quality premium urethane and shape it similarly to skateboard wheels for the best combination of speed and stability at skateparks. Despite all this they still perform excellently at skaterinks and are very maneuverable. Their hardness means they're also super durable so you can skate well into the afternoon for days on end.

In the hard to turn down Green/Leopard Colourway, pick up a pack today!