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Moxi Roller Skates

Moxi Gummy 65mm 78a 4pk - Cherry Stain

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- Moxi Gummy/Juicy Wheels
- Size: 65mm x 43mm
- Hardness: 78a
- High Rebound MDI Urethane
- Hard Urethane 'Spoked' Core
- Pack of 4
- Clear 'Cherry' Red Colourway


The Moxi Gummy (or classically known as 'Juicy') wheels are ride like their namesake, turning uneven terrain into a buttery smooth dream!

Stock standard to the Lolly and Beach Bunny models, Moxi Gummy's are durable, wide and come in a range of colours; their width provides stability and their softness creates a super smooth ride on a range of surfaces, so although not ideal for skate parks or tricks, Gummy's definately make a great beginner cruiser wheel.