Mota Skates

Mota Hybrid Grip 59x38mm 8pk - Clear/Black

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-Mota Hybrid Grip 59x38mm 8pk - Clear/Black

- 59mm Diameter

- 38mm Width

- Performs like 88a

- Large core

- Thin tire

- Pack of 8

- Black/Clear

This Hybrid wheel from Mota outperforms most hybrid wheels with its balanced combination of grip and speed

This wheel is packed with innovation, starting with the new urethane from Mota which has a balance of softness with strength affords you even more speed and grip while reducing weight!
An interlocked hub and thin tire provide structure for responsiveness and serious speed (respectively). Speeds possible are pushed even more by the 43mm core which is the largest out in hybrid wheels.
The new width of 38mm further increases your speeds while the 3mm lip on these also balances the wheels by increasing your control really well on turns.
This wheel is perfectly suited to concrete and slicker surfaces, for a more all round guaranteed to really roll have a look at the Mota Hybrid Roll!

Black on black wheel with white Mota graphics tie together an amazingly balanced wheel.