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Mota Skates

Mota Boss 7075 T6 Plates Size 6.25

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- Extruded 7075 T6 Aluminium

- 16° angle

- 8mm threaded axles

- Medium bushings

- click adjustable truck tension

- SIze 6.25

- Lifetime warranty on plate and trucks!

The ultimate in quad chassis technology is right here. The Mota Boss 7075 T6 Plates Are here to roll you exactly like the boss you are. Designed for strength and power which they acheive in spades, these plates are also some of the lightest extruded frames on the market, which for plates is the best combination of attributes you can really ask for.
The trucks run at a 16° angle which is the optimum choice for a skate that feels and is super agile while still being monstrously powerful.

The skates also feature the Mota Monster stopper which really speaks for itself. With a 60mm footprint its pretty much the largest footprint on the market, with a perfect contact angle. The material handles indoor and outdoor surfaces equally viciously.

Not to forget to mention the sheer resilience of these trucks. The people at Mota have tested these without prejudice, seriously taking these to the limit with tests for stress fractures, bending and malfunction and they are confident enough to give you a lifetime warranty on the plates ( not that you’ll need it! )
Rise above and be the boss you wanna be with the Mota Boss 7075 T6 Plates