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Micro Scooters

Micro Luggage II Scooter Black

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*Micro products are available to Australian customers only.

- Micro Luggage Scooter
- Age Range: 6 - Adult
- Wheel Size: 110/80mm
- Deck Width: 9cm
- Deck Length: 36cm
 Handlebar Height: 61-98cm
- Max Load: 100kg
- Weight: 4.6 kg
- Bag Volume 26L
- Bag Length: 58cm
- Bag Width: 35cm
- Bag Depth: 22.8cm

Micro Scooters brings you their Micro Luggage. A light travel suitcase with a compact scooter built into it. Instead of wheeling your luggage, now you can ride it. And beat the crowds. Then when you've finished riding it, the scooter folds up and operates like normal cabin baggage.

All folded up, the suitcase falls within the regulation cabin baggage size, so you can pop it into the overhead locker on board the plane. Designed in Switzerland in cooperation with Samsonite.