Landyachtz Bamboo Chief Fish 36 Complete

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- Landyachtz Bamboo Chief Fish 36 Complete

- 36" in Length

- 8.75" in Width

-180mm Black 852 Trucks

-Bear Spaceballs Abec 7 Bearings

-69mm Hawgs Wheels

Would you look at this board for a minute!

A 36" deck with some serious flex that still turns in a circle sharp as the best of them, the Chief Fish from Landyachtz is a fighting competitor for the title of really excellent long board.

The board's made with bamboo for a potent mix of reactive power in carving, stiff integrity and huge strength to weight ratio, meaning you get a big, surging weapon of a board that doesn't weigh the world.
Camber profile and solid wheelbase add to this, giving you the power to be both in control and wreak some havoc when reaching higher speeds.

It's made to roll for real with 69mm Hawgs wheels which are undeniably great, with Spaceballs abex 7 bearings. These give a low enough rolling resistance to make cruising effortless (and very hard for you to resist rolling )

Featuring an abstract army of fish in a sweet gradient, this is perfect for your general purpose boarding, anyone looking for a fun, stable and reactive ride should pick this up!