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Landyachtz ATV-X Perfecto Raccoon 32 Complete

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- Landyachtz ATV-X - Perfecto Series
- Size: 9.028" x 32" (WB: 14.375")
- 7ply Canadian Maple ATV-X Construction
- Medium Concave & Wide Nose w/ Sanded Wells
- Polar Bear 155mm Trucks
- 60mm 78a Lil EZ Hawgs Wheels
- Die-Cut Premium Black Griptape
- Red & Teal Stain w/ 'Raccoon' Art by Marc Pallas

Another variation on the ATV theme, the Perfecto features a healthy amount of taper which results in a very carvy ride that will be instantly familiar to anyone who is used to riding longer boards. Don't let the unorthodox shape fool you, this thing can hold its own in a bowl with the best of them. This board features the brands' patented new ATV-X construction which introduces two composite plies to improve pop and durability.