K2 VO2 90 Pro M 11US/29cm - Blue/Orange

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- K2 VO2 90 Pro Mens

- Wheel Size: 90mm

- Speed Lace Lacing System

- Vortech Ventilation System

- VO2 Cuff

- VO2.2 Frame

- ILQ-9 PRO Bearings

- Blue/Orange

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A force to be reckoned with, the K2 VO2 90 Pro is the perfect skate for men looking to graduate to bigger wheels and higher speeds!

These bigger and faster wheels are accompanied by K2's Vortech Ventilation system, designed to keep your feet cool and dry as you fly through the streets! As well as this, the VO2 Pro 90 straps up with ease with the K2 Speed Lacing System, which means you can get into your boots and out the door in a matter of seconds.

With a VO2 cuff and VO2.2 frame, you'll never find an uncomfortable moment in these skates, which boast the perfect balance of speed, stability and support for the serious recreational skate rider!