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Independent Truck Co.

Independent 149 Forged Hollow Trucks - Silver

- Independent 'Stage 11' Forged Hollow Series
- Size: 149 (6.0" Hanger / 8.5" Axle)
- Axle Height: MID-Profile (53.5mm / 2.125")
- Polished 'Silver' Colourway

- 356 T6 Aluminium Hanger w/ 4140 Chromo Steel Axles
- Forged Baseplate w/ Grade-8 Hollow Kingpin
- 90A Standard Bushings
- Sold as PAIR

Independent Forged Hollows are a superior and iconic truck with precise turning geometry for increased stability when landing tricks, better ‘speed-wobble’ control and decreasing the chances of ‘wheel-bite’; making Indy Stage 11 trucks one of the most versatile skate trucks on the market, excelling in vert and transition, street and park skating, and general cruising and carving.

True to their name, these come with hollow axles and kingpins for a 10% lighter truck than the standard independent hangers. Forged baseplates have an aligned grain structure, offering greater strength in specific directions, making these bad boys super strong, and much lighter than their cast cousins, not to mention more slimline aswell, so you can run 7/8” bolts perfectly.

Stage 11 trucks also have improved grind clearance to avoid grinding down your kingpin, as well as an improved ‘Yoke’ (divider round the bushing seat top and bottom) reducing hang-up potential for grinds like smiths and feebles.

4140 Chromoly steel axles (Nickel -1.55-2.0% for increasing hardness, Chromium – 0.5-0.96% for increasing hardness and elastic limits, Molybdenum – 0.25% for increasing hardness and Carbon – 4% increases strength and toughness.