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Hoppley Unicycles

Hoppley 16inch Unicycle

- Saddle: Plastic seat with moulded foam upper and hard plastic bumper

- Seatpost: 25.4x200mm knurled seatpost

- Seatpost clamp: Quickrelease Clamp

- Frame: 16" Steel frame with split bearing housings 40mm

- Wheel-size: 16"

- Tyre: Indoor/street tyre with Schrader valve

- Rim: 16" steel rim

- Spokes: 28 spokes

- Hub: UDC cotterless hub

- Cranks: 102mm steel cranks

- Pedals: Robust Plastic pedals

- Comes with assembly instructions.

Kids looking for their first unicycle? The Hoppley is an easy to use & fun unicycle perfect to learn with. This is one of the best choices for a young rider's first unicycle! Features a comfy plastic seat with moulded foam padding, adjustable seat height and 16" 28 spoke steel rim. Designed for beginners up to 60kgs, get riding with this easy to learn on uni.