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*These are authentic Heelys brand shoes with an Australian backed warranty, don't be tricked by counterfeit stock being sold on the internet.


Heartless VooDoo 62mm/86A - 4pk

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- Heartless VooDoo wheels
- SIZE 62mm
- DURO 86A
- Pack of 4

Heartless wheels come in a wide range of hardness's to accommodate every skater. Heartless wheels are sold in packs of 4, in order to give you the best combination possible. The "durometer" or "hardness" of the wheel is indicated by the number followed by an "a". The "a" is the type of scale that is used to determine the hardness or softness of a wheel. The lower the number the softer the wheel, the higher the number, the harder the wheel. Our wheels range in durometer from 86a to 96a with the hardness increases every two points.

PROs and CONS:

Here are some things to consider...a softer wheel will be really grippy, but will roll a little slower. A harder wheel will roll really fast, but will lack somewhat in grip. Remember it is all personal preference, what works for someone else might not work for you. Also keep in mind that floor and surface conditions constantly change, due to weather, cleaning schedule, wear and tear, etc. Buy a few different sets, or trade with a friend to see what works for you. The most common set up is to have a mix of 4 and 4. One set of 4 on the soft end of the spectrum, and 4 on the harder side. Experiment with your wheels and have fun.